Taryn Langman

Taryn is a Sydney-based graphic designer with a passion for all things art, travel, nature and martial arts. After completing an Arts Degree majoring in Sociology and Anthropology [minoring in Environmental Humanities], volunteering on a regenerative farm, and working in the not-for-profit sector, Taryn decided to pursue her love of design! 
Project Name: Oktoberfest Flyer | Website: tarynlangman.com 
Sienna Stewart

Jumping between the country and coastal life, Sienna is passionate about integrating new ideas with old techniques to create a fresh concept. With a Marketing Degree, she is fascinated by the way design can influence and manipulate people’s choices.
Project Name: Oktoberfest Flyer | Website: siennastewart.com
Blake Griffiths

Blake Griffiths is a creative turned tradie returned creative from (outer) Sydney. She studied visual arts, history and education before completing a steel fabrication apprenticeship. This journey provides a peculiar intersection of a creative, but pragmatic approach to design. They Love to go deep into research, often finding themselves lost in Wikipedia rabbit holes. When not designing you can find Blake playing basketball/Dungeons and Dragons, eating ramen or shooting film.
Project Name: Ambrosia—Packaging | Website: Juniperdrift.design | Instagram: @juniperdriftdesign

Nina Warita

Born and raised on the bustling, neon-lit streets of Tokyo, Nina is burdened with an unrelenting passion for books. Having completed a Bachelor of Design Computing, Nina’s eclectic upbringing has shaped her creative methods and passions which she is excited to convey through the medium of graphic design.
Project Name: The Secret History, Book Cover Re-Design | Website: ninawarita.com | Instagram: @ninawdesign
Isabella Burdick

Isabella is an American-born, Australian-raised graphic designer, snowboarder and music nut. She enjoys both the bold and the minimal in design and loves creating a look, sound and feel for a brand.
Project Name: Mammon Ice Cream Packaging | Website: isabellalunadesign.com

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