Alessandra Antonia
Alessandra is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist. Before Shillington, she led marketing teams, produced, and creative directed for beauty and fashion brands. Her work applies handmade touches and curious elements to a sophisticated, uncomplicated style.
Project Name: Telos Granola Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @alessandrantonia

AJ DiBetta
AJ is a multi-disciplinary creative and graphic designer with a BA in psychology. Their deep understanding of human emotion allows them to create works that go beyond the surface. Innovation, attention to detail, and boldness are the core concepts that are the driving force behind their art.
Project Name: Zaha Hadid Architectural Tour Branding | Website:  

Lisa Stendys
Curious, honest, and Danish-born. Lisa enjoys getting her hands dirty - whether it's from painting, problem solving, or from making a mess in the kitchen. With viking blood running through her veins, she's always ready for the next adventure or challenge life is offering!
Project Name: Tethy's Hotel Branding | Website: | Instagram: @lisastendys

Daniel Cohen
Daniel is a New York-based graphic designer with several years of experience as an accountant. He has combined his analytical background with his passion for creative expression and is eager to demonstrate his skills on this new career path.
Project Name: Journey Into Mystery Editorial Spread | Website: | Instagram: @dohendesign

Amy Post
Amy is originally from England and now lives in Brooklyn NY. With a background in illustration she enjoys working within the bounds that graphic design principles hold. She enjoys designing with a story in mind and is particularly passionate about working within branding and packaging.
Project Name: Gallantry Hotel Branding | Website: | Instagram: @amypostdesign
Dino Diamantis 
Born and raised in Athens, Greece. I studied Chemistry at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens while doing freelance photography. My passion for photography, art & fashion inspired me to move to NYC where I’ve lived since 2018.
Project Name: After Party Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @constantinosdiam
Landry Edwards
Landry Edwards is a Texas-raised, Brooklyn-based graphic designer. He's thrilled to blend his education from Shillington with a background in digital media management towards an inspired career in design. Landry has a newfound passion for digital, print, and brand design. Some of his other interests include photography, live music, fresh air, and making people laugh.
Project Name: Stay Gold Album Art | Website: | Instagram: @landry.dsgn

Hailey Porth
Hailey is a creative designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She is passionate about creating work that bridges the gap between the client's vision and their design needs. She uses her ambition, resourcefulness, and ability to connect with people to find joy in the creative process which allows her to produce distinct, lively, and functional work.
Project Name: Harlem State of Mind Street Fair Branding | Website: | Instagram: @hailey_porth

John Mozier-Tichy
John is a prolific animator, comic book artist, and now graphic designer. Will work barmitzvas, weddings, yard sales, you name it. No job to big, no kerning too small. Ask for cash discount.
Project Name: The Wooster Hotel Branding | Website:

Kervon Henry
Hi, it's nice to meet you. My name is Kervon. My best friend once described me as "that laugh that makes you grasp your sides," still not sure if that is a good thing. My favorite meal is a toasted PB&J. A type setting nut who makes doodles on illustrator. That is a bit about me, I hope my work speaks for itself. 
Project Name: T-Lab 2022 Annual Report | | Instagram: @dedking4

Marie Roussel
Marie likes to approach design with a sense of play and curiosity. She enjoys integrating her illustrations into her work and has a passion for packaging and building brand identities. Marie is a lover of tag sales, the beach, and Agatha Christie novels. She has lived in three of NYC’s five boroughs over the last decade and is currently encamped in Brooklyn.
Project Name: The Firewatcher's Daughter Album Art | Website: | Instagram: @mariecroussel

Phebe Pierson
Phebe is a lifelong New Yorker and creative interested in all things art, design, and crafts. She comes from a background in food and sustainability, and is excited by finding the connections between her passions.
Project Name: T-Lab 2022 Annual Report | Website: | Instagram: @phebedid

Nicholas H
 Nick is a visual creative from Queens, NY. 
Project Name: London Upcycled Architectural Tour Branding | Website: 

Sadratul Yeathem
Hi, I'm Sadratul Yeathem, a graphic designer. Art and Design is my passion since my childhood.
 I design creative Packaging, Brand Identity, Typography, UI/UX and everything needed for a business/organization. You can view my designs on my portfolio site.
Project Name: Stages Music Player App | Website: | Instagram:@sadratul_sharmin

Megan Donadio
Megan is a New York-based graphic designer with a curious mind and energetic spirit. She is fascinated by what drives people to do the things that they do and passionate about creating meaningful work. Megan is committed to learning, and you can usually find her binge reading her latest book.
Project Name: NYPL Summer Reading List 2022 Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @megandesigns.jpg

Richa Gurung
Richa is a Nepali Graphic Designer and Illustrator currently based in New York. Art and design has always been a passion of hers. She is very open minded and believes nothing is impossible if we put our mind and soul into it. She is super excited and ready to launch her career as a Freelance Graphic designer giving her more freedom to travel which is another passion of hers.
Project Name: Lore Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @richa.gurung_

Timothy Zahner
Tim is a New York-based business guy turned designer. After nearly a decade in the technology and media industry, he is pursuing a career in brand identity. Equal parts left and right-brained, his approach is rooted in strategy yet has a storyteller’s flair.

In his spare time, he is either reading spy novels, or in basketball gyms throughout the city coaching and scouting up-and-coming hoops talent.
Project Name: Emporium Social Club Branding | Website: | Instagram: @de.zahner

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