Sam Baggarley
Sam is a graphic designer from London with a love for music, vibrant colours, and wacky characters. Throughout many different career and life changes, art and design have always been the constant in his life. Music also plays a huge role in Sam’s life. If he’s not designing or drawing, the chances of him listening to his records instead are higher than Santana at Woodstock ’69! Sam has always had a love for the art nouveau revival movement of the 60’s and 70’s. The new sounds bands were making went hand in hand with the beautiful posters and psychedelic typography that accompanied them. 
“They'll stop to read it because they can't read it." — Wes Wilson
Project Name: Zombie Chocolate Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @i_am_spags

Amelia Bell
Amelia is a London-based graphic designer who has always been fascinated by the power of design and its ability to shape decisions, create change, and spark joy. With a background in psychology, her approach to work is human-centric and encompasses both her creative and problem-solving skills to produce inspired and empathetic designs. She loves a challenge and is excited to dive headfirst into the industry.
Project Name: Shaka Shaka Branding | Website: | Instagram: @ameliabelldesigns
Amanda Borja
Amanda is a designer, dabbler, and dreamer who has a background in writing and editing. She is passionate about human-centric design, her CHamoru roots, and the power of a well-curated playlist.
Project Name: Du Vine Packaging & Branding | Website: | Instagram:
Adeika is a passionate young designer. Having a background in music production and sound engineering, he jumps at any opportunity to express creativity in whatever form he can.
Project Name: Instrumend Campaign | Website: | Instagram:
Sophie Carew
Soph is a London based graphic designer who loves talking to random people on the bus. Having lived in Zimbabwe, Devon, Manchester, Madrid and London she has a love of culture and is constantly inspired by her different surroundings. She has got a lot of good stories, if you want to hear them you know where to find her.
Project Name: Kila Hotel Branding | Website: | Instagram:
Angela Cartigiano
Angela Cartigiano is a curious creative based in the United States. She spent the first five years of her career working in marketing for various beauty and fashion brands until she decided to pursue a more creative career in graphic design. Now she works to create stories and visual communication designs that build, maintain and evolve a cohesive brand identity.
Project Name: Twist Hair Dye Branding | Website: | Instagram: @angelaisadesigner
Will Chivers
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Will is lively, social and relational. He has a seemingly endless amounts of enthusiasm and motivation, yet always values people over processes and is willing to work hard to arrive at a solution. He’s curious and perceptive about people and the world around him—a real lean thinker. Prior to Shillington, Will had a career in technology and financial services providing training, support and insights to teams in the areas of IT security, risk and audit compliance in a large multinational media and advertising group.
Project Name: Paddock & Place Branding | Website: | Instagram:
Claudia Coleman

Claudia is a London based designer and artist. After studying Modern Languages at Bristol University, her curiosity and hunger to experience new cultures took her to Paris and Buenos Aires where she undertook several creative short courses. She joined a London based Advertising Agency, where she worked as a Creative Strategist for nearly 3 years with brands such as Walkers, Zalando, Boots, L'Oreal and Campari Group to name a few. A professional procrastinator, teaming with ideas, she believes that a successful concept and outcome requires multiple reference points, endless exploration, and of course humour!
Project Name: 360 Branding | Website: | Instagram: @claudiamaisiecoleman_art
Colette Connell
I would consider myself a mixed media human with a background in visual arts, music, dance and sporty things. These disciplines have really inspired my practice and I am so glad to be able to take this energy and set it to the world of Graphic Design. Maybe the most notable element of my practice is colour. I am able to communicate my own wildness in this way, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a bright neon block against a cool blue hue. I will be forever grateful for the positivity and enthusiasm of our Shillington heroes (teachers) and I am so excited to take what they have taught me and apply it to my next adventure (hopefully a studio based one!) Thank you endlessly.
Project Name: Dr Martens x Mylo Branding | Website: | Instagram: @colettedesign_1997
Cheri Ellis
Cheri is committed to working to build a better future and is excited to design for positive change. She’s worn a few hats, including Director of Ops for a high-impact non-profit and Project Manager for a trailblazing social business. Cheri is based between London & Brighton, but hails from Cumbria originally. She has a communications degree from Leeds and is inspired by the opportunities created through the power of clever branding. She’s now looking to be part of an ace design team...maybe it’s yours! 
Cheri’s other passions include surfing (badly), frequenting posh cinemas, and painting.
Project Name: Discoco Chocolate Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @thecheriontop

Sarah Galley
Sarah is a South London based designer who loves creating clean, current and unique designs with personality and attention to detail.
Sarah graduated from the University of Manchester and worked as a buyer in the fashion industry, 8 years in she realised the role no longer fulfilled her and didn’t allow her to embrace her creative spirit, so she took the dive and embarked on her journey to becoming a graphic designer, and she has not looked back!
Sarah prides herself on having an eye for good design, and bringing hard work and good energy to anything she embarks upon.
Project Name: Big Sister Energy Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @sarahgalsdesign
Jake Greig
Graphic designer, masseuse and sheer embodiment of the crave for adventure. No stranger to work discipline, team coordination and top notch energy as a former GB start athlete. A door has been clapped opened for this man to the vast world of graphic design by Shillington, allowing him to explore every project/concept with zest and an open mind.
Project Name: Pata Branding | Website: | Instagram: @jakegdesigns
Rachael Hutchinson
Rachael is a Bath based Graphic Designer, with experience in a range of creative disciplines from photography & illustration to candle making & latte art. When not doing these things, you can find her seeking out cute dogs to make friends with or eating copious amounts of chocolate. After spending lockdown furloughed from her barista job, Rachael decided that it was time to find a career that connected her creative passions—she joined Shillington and never looked back!
Project Name: Essenza Cordial Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @rachaelcaitlincreates
Levon Ijeh
Enthusiastic, impactful and dynamic—Levon designs with intention and passion. She strongly believes in the influential power of visual communications and strives to create effective, meaningful and thought-provoking designs that resonate with her audience. “I tend not to play it safe and am always seeking out new adventures or things to do. I find that through pushing boundaries and increasing my exposure to the world around me I am able to achieve my artistic visions and reach new creative outcomes, which excites me! Outside of design you can catch me cooling off with music or styling outfits.”
Project Name: Stop Squashing Us Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @createdbylevon
Millie Jade

Millie grew up in Africa where her interest in design and the environment started. She believes that design has the power to change attitudes and impressions in a rapidly changing world. With a geography degree and a globally recognised graphic design qualification, she feels fully prepared to enter the design world and make that all important difference.
Project Name: Pendulum Hotel Branding | Website: | Instagram: @bymilliejade
Clementine Keyes
Born in Bermuda, Clementine is an island girl at heart. Island life has not only shaped her inclusive outlook on life, but also influenced her design eye—she is passionate about communicating through ideas and concepts that make people feel good. Her passion for visual storytelling was first ignited at school whilst studying photography, and later led her to study History of Art at university. Her education coupled with experience working in PR has honed her creative flair and knack for creating eye-catching visuals. Clem looks forward to joining the design community, particularly through collaboration, and exploring all the marvels that the design world has to offer.
Project Name: Ritual Face Mask Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @clem_creates_
Ruta Kraujutyte
Ruta’s inspiration comes from travelling around the world and seeing different forms of expression and creation. She particularly enjoys coming up with colourful undertakings which have an application in the real world. Ruta also loves the interplay between classical art and contemporary design. She envisages a future which will be governed by the fusion of technology and art.
Project Name: Round Robin Branding | Website:
Kiko Lam
Kiko is a visual designer from Hong Kong specialising in UI, brand strategy and aesthetics. Through traveling the world and experiencing new and exciting adventures she stays inspired and forever curious. Her dramatic illustrations and unorthodox concepts give her a loud voice, allowing her to fully express her ideas and opinions through design.

Project Name: Always Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @untitle2o22
Samantha Mager
Samantha is excited to start her career in graphic design, having worked previously in Marketing for over 4 years. She loves musicals and going to see a show on the West End, with her favourite show at the moment being Back To The Future The Musical. She also loves reading fantasy and sci fi books. Her recommendations? Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.
Project Name: Book of Mormon Branding | Website: | Instagram: @sammagerdesign
Abigail McGrahan
Abigail is a London-based multidisciplinary designer with a professional background in architecture. She is excited to pivot into graphic design and has a particular interest in visual brand identity. She most enjoys working in collaborative and creative environments. In her spare time you'll find her caring for her plant babies or laser cutting weird and wonderful creations.
Project Name: Wellness Expo Brochure | Website: | Instagram: @abimckai
Rolake Ojo
Rolake Ojo is a graphic designer and brand strategist crossing the boundary between art and science. Beginning her career as a medical doctor, she has a special interest in how design can improve our experiences with healthcare and wellness.
Project Name: A Rare Spectacle Branding | Website: | Instagram:
Gaz Russell
Gary is a Suffolk born south London based artist, turned graphic designer. Fan of spooky cinema, 80's music, stand-up comedy and cats (the animal, not the musical)!
Project Name: The Knife Handmade Album Cover | Website: | Instagram: @garyrussellart
Jamie Sonneveld
Jamie is a visual storyteller. After spending a decade in the corporate world, Jamie is constantly learning new things so she can problem-solve in the design universe. Things that feed her soul include all thing paper, languages, cultures, art and food. Come say hello!
Project Name: Bisous Vegan Ice Pop Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @studiosonneveld
Lily Stroud
Lily has somewhat a scattered job history. From part-time cleaning & football coaching in London, to surf shop employee and music journalist in Mexico, Lily has learnt a number of valuable life skills, & also come to understand her own core values better – mostly, that she has a passion for planetary well-being (that of humans & nonhumans & the planet as a whole). Equipped with her design skills and creative spirit, she intends to champion these values through charitable work, that might align with some of her personal interests too (veganism (8 years and counting), football, music, philosophy, nature experience & conservation, travel & relaxation). She looks forward to the opportunities that graduating from Shillington will bring.
Project Name: Long Life Love Festival Branding | Website:
Hannah Vergult
Hannah is a graphic designer based in Texas. With a foundation in PR and editorial writing, she has an eye for visual storytelling and appreciates the simple, yet striking.
Project Name: Happy Face Branding | Website: | Instagram: @hannahvdesigns
Brontë Wright
Brontë is a London-based designer with a background in humanitarian work. She is very excited to have discovered the career which makes storytelling, day-dreaming and doodling productive.
Project Name: Unlock + Code Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @bronte__anne

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